Dirt. We’ve got it.

A dump truck came beeping up our lane last week…

beep beep beep

It caught Sylvia’s attention:

What's that? What's that? What's that?

She was quick to see what the driver did not:

uhh, guys? That's not going to fit...

There was no way the truck would be able to maneuver into our driveway. Sylvia wasted no time guiding the truck to a better landing spot:

Right there.


Perfect. Just what I always wanted...

A dirt pile of my very own!

But I was concerned. That was a lot of wheelbarrow loads of dirt sitting on the front lawn. How would we move it from the front yard to the back?

“Don’t worry,” said Travis. “There’s an app for that.”

And so there was:

Dirt-moving app

This too caught Sylvia’s keen eye.

What's going on out there?

Nothing gets past this one. Not even, it seems, a chance to show her father how its done:

It's not so hard!

In no time, Sylvia had that dirt pile moved, dumped and flattened:


And this is what I always wanted…

...parking for two!



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