Somebody put their best foot forward, and forgot to take the other one with them

Picture the small shed, if you will. (You’ll have to picture it yourself because I don’t have any before shot of the interior). Wood piles, junk, sawdust and empty beer bottles took over the floor. One that was all re-stacked, discarded, swept and returned for a refund I was able to tackle the rafters. The overhead storage was just as messy as underfoot, only largely more dangerous because you never knew what would come barreling down when you tugged on that mystery box, or this unknown bit of wire.

But when the cloud of dust settled, I could count on finding at least one shoe among the debris. Here was my footwear haul in just one day:

The first funky collection

That’s right. I netted no fewer than seven odd shoes in one shed session.

But wait! There’s more!

Two boots, and a barely recognizable canvas sneaker

Later that day, I received three more for my trouble. They are all left-foot shoes in a variety of sizes, which left me wondering, where are all the shod right feet?

Until a week later when I was back to blindly pulling rotten oil clothes and fousty onion sacks onto my head:

Nine, NINE mismatched shoes, ah, ah, ah....

Still left-foot dominant, but one particular shoe jumped out. Doesn’t this:

left foot

Remind you of this:

Right foot

This is the closest I got to a pair. However the novelty of almost matching was not enough to save either shoe from the dump.

THIS ONE, on the other hand


Would have found a happy home with me if only it were my size, and came in duplicate. I’d be a line dancing STAR! At least in my mind. Hey, don’t the shoes make the woman?


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