A collection of gaffs

You know, gaffs. The hooked pole used in fishing. Not the embarrassing mistake, (gaffe) or any other kind of gaff out there. (Isn’t Google awesome?)

So. Gaffs. I have a collection.

A short one:

Gaff #1

A medium one:

Gaff #2

And a long one:

Gaff #3

Should I..

a) burn them?
b) store them?
c) sell them on e-bay? or
d) keep them under my bed like a shotgun?

I could fashion really avant-garde earrings. (I think my tetanus inoculations are up to date.) I could affix one to my new car’s chassis to substitute as a trailer hitch. I could use them to route out any bats in the eaves of my rental property. The possibilities are endless.

Almost as endless as the odd shoes that keep cascading from the rafters of the small woodshed, but that’s a post for another day.


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