Not a good way to start a blog

My computer is sick.

This is not a good way to start a blog.

It wasn’t a good way to start a weekend, either. I’ve been now eight days sans courriel regulaire. Cela m’en nerve. En tout cas, c’est pas la fin du monde. I’m armed with Travis’ laptop and a wal-mart CD of photos to share.

Let’s start with an interior shot:

Rafters shot 1, small shed

And another:

Rafters shot 2, small shed

See the rolls of tar paper? The broken lobster pot? The random bits of wire, frayed rope, rotten cloth and unidentified metal pieces? It’s going to be a fun tearing all that stuff down.

Sadly, I don’t have a ‘before’ shot of either whole shed interior, because I lacked the foresight to take one. (The same missing foresight that would have anticipated the nasty virus then fatal harddrive error that has sent my own laptop to the computer grave. Flowers and best wishes may be sent to

In other shed-related news, I’m busy pretending I did not see a largish rodent skitter between the old bed frame and the woodpile last week. It’s not going so well. It was a lot easier to pretend rodents out of existence when I hadn’t, in fact, seen one in the shed.


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