Shed, meet Internet. Internet, meet Shed.

This is our woodshed:

The small shed across the lane

This is the other woodshed:

The big(ger) shed behind the house

We know they belong to us because when we bought the house, these two sheds (among a dozen or so within a stone’s throw from the front door) were painted using the same colour as the house. See?:

Matching dark green trim identifies ownership

For the first three months, we gave no thought to the sheds and their contents. We were focused on the interior property instead, tearing down walls, moving staircases and chimneys and jacking up corners. As renovations progressed, the sheds became repositories for doors off their hinges, extraneous drywall and idle tools. When we moved in in early April, we relied on the wood from those sheds to keep the stove burning, all while piling extra boxes, spare furniture and stuff wherever we could.

But now it’s reckoning time. Though it’s 25 degrees Centigrade today, winter is not far off. We have a couple of seasoned wood piles ready to be stowed. We’ve got to Deal with the sheds so we can get the wood out of the weather and call ourselves ready for winter.

The sheds have been around as long as the house, if not longer – if the house itself was any indication, the previous owners could respectfully be called packrats. I only hope to find a few treasures among the trash.


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